sábado, 28 de julio de 2012

FF XXX 05 page

well, never had no thought of publishing this page, did not think that monitoring was so great, of which I am very proud sieto thanks to you.

1Many ask me if I will put it on sale. some even ask if they can get half of this comic and the other half when it is finished  I am currently working on this project with the client. now this belongs only to him. but in future this comic will be released. I also publicate the Ninja's Stuff Comis.

viernes, 27 de julio de 2012

Happy Magical Mishap Commission

primera pagina para mi mas fiel cliente. esta vez se trata de algo completamente original.
resumiendo en pocas palabras la historia:
 tres amigas descubriran el amor entre ellas despues de que sus cuerpos crecieran desarrollandose generosamente tras un error de laboratorio.
 una de ellas , desarrolla un nuevo apendice, que utilizara alegremente ayudada por sus otras dos compañeras...
el suspense esta garantizado... XDXDXD

first page for my most loyal customer. this time it's something completely original.

briefly summarizing the story:

three friends will discover the love between them after their bodies grow DEVELOPING generously after a laboratory error.
one of them develops a new appendix, which used happily assisted by her two colleagues ...

the suspense is guaranteed ... XDXDXD