martes, 5 de junio de 2012

sweet fighter in HD!

Uncensored and HD!!

the new blood of this mythical saga is going to teach the "old glories" that anything goes in a fight .... XD

Juri shown, to Balrog and Vega that she is worthy of being a real fighter, with his "special moves"

Price: 8.99 USD.
Number of pages: 8 (color.)
Format: PDF (digital)
Size: 2100 x 3100 approximately.
Payment: Paypal.
Text: English.
Extra content: no.
Author:  Holland and Kamina
Age: Adults only.

Watch out!: The content of this material may offend the sensibilities of some people.

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- the process is simple. you have to make a deposit via paypal to my email.
you do not forget to include your full name, subject and the email address where you want the copy.-as soon as paypal me the confirmation of income, I will send you a copy of the comic.

-this may take 1-3 days.

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Note: This comic is easy to read with one hand, the author is not liable for injuries caused by its content. XD